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Program Activities
The Classical Studies program sponsors lectures, parties and gatherings throughout the academic year, as well as trips to events in New York City and at Vassar College.  Thanks to the support of the Ottaway Fund, we are able to bring professional theatrical productions to campus on a regular basis.

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Anthony Philip Corbeill

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Grammatical Gender and Biological Sex: The Invention of Heterosexuality in Ancient Rome
This talk explores how the daily use by Latin speakers of a single linguistic category—grammatical gender—cultivates a sensitivity to the role of biological sex in Roman perceptions of both the human and more-than-human realms. The presentation has four parts: first, a demonstration that ancient scholars viewed grammatical gender as intricately connected with biological sex, even in the case of inanimate nouns; next the ways in which an awareness of this identification of grammar with biology enhances appreciation of Roman poetry; third, how the Romans imagined their earliest gods; and, finally, Roman attitudes toward human hermaphrodites and their visual representation. No knowledge of Latin, or of ancient Rome, is necessary.

A Lecture by
Anthony Philip Corbeill
Professor of Classics, University of Kansas
Blegen Research Fellow, Vassar College

Time: 6:00 pm
Location: Olin, Room 102
Contact: Diana Depardo-Minsky
Phone: 845-758-7158