Program Activities

Program Activities
The Classical Studies program sponsors lectures, parties and gatherings throughout the academic year, as well as trips to events in New York City and at Vassar College.  Thanks to the support of the Ottaway Fund, we are able to bring professional theatrical productions to campus on a regular basis.

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Current and Upcoming Events

Sappho: New Voices

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Presented by the Bard College Classical Studies Program and sponsored by James H. Ottaway Jr.

Bard's Classical Studies Program will host a day-long colloquium on the ancient Greek poet Sappho in light of the extraordinary discovery this year of 
two previously unknown poems. The colloquium will bring together a panel of experts to lead one of the first public discussions of this important new find, reevaluating the context, meaning and implications of Sappho's poetry and her literary world. 


10am: Introduction: Lauren Curtis (Bard College) and Robert Cioffi (Bard College)

10.45-12.15: Session 1: Gender and Performance

Timothy Power (Rutgers University): "Performance Scenarios for the New Poems of Sappho"

Melissa Mueller (University of Massachusetts Amherst): "Recentering Epic Nostos: Gender and Genre in the Brothers Poem"

12.15-1.30: Lunch break

1.30-3: Session 2: Sappho and Society  

Kurt Raaflaub (Brown University): "A High-class Trader, Courtesan, and Poetess, a Tyrant, and Archaic Greek-Eastern Interaction”

Deborah Boedeker (Brown University): "Hera and Now"

3-3.30: Coffee break

3.30-5: Session 3: Religious Poetics

Timothy Barnes (Princeton University): "Sappho's daimon: a Reading of the Fourth Stanza"

Albert Henrichs (Harvard University): “What’s in a Prayer? Sappho’s Way with Words"

5-5.30: Round table discussion

Evening performance: 

6pm, Olin Auditorium

Bracko: A reading of Sappho by Anne Carson, Robert Currie, Nick Flynn, and Sam Anderson.

Time: 10:00 am – 5:30 pm
Location: Olin, Room 204
Contact: Lauren Curtis
Phone: 845-758-7282
Website: Event Website


Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Reading of Sappho’s Poetry by Anne Carson, Robert Currie, Nick Flynn, and Sam Anderson
Free and open to the public.
Time: 6:00 pm
Location: Olin Auditorium
Contact: Lauren Curtis
Phone: 845-758-7282