The Ancient Studies Focus

The Ancient Studies Focus
Concentrators take courses not just on ancient Greece and Rome but also on the ancient Middle East, India, or China. The faculty of the Ancient Studies Focus includes members of the core Classics Program, and also faculty in Art History, History, Literature, Philosophy, and Religion.

Moderation Requirements

A student wishing to moderate in Ancient Studies selects a faculty adviser from among the core and affiliated faculty in Ancient Studies, and designs in consultation with him or her a course of study that considers cross-cultural ties linking the ancient cultures.
  1. For Moderation, a student must have taken or be taking four courses in the languages, literature, history, philosophy, art history, or religion of the ancient world.
  2. Moderation into Ancient Studies follows campus-wide requirements: a 10-page (minimum) paper from a course on the ancient world, representing the student's best work to date; and two 2-page papers, one on the student's past work and academic/intellectual history, the other on his or her future goals in the Program.

Senior Project Requirements

A moderated student should select intensive work in one or two specific areas that will lead to the Senior Project.
  1. For graduation, a student must have taken four additional courses, normally drawn from the areas of concentration listed below (A-D), at least one of which will be comparative in nature. The student will also complete a Senior Project, comprising two semesters of independent research and writing, under the guidance of his or her adviser in Ancient Studies.